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17 June 2014

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Drabble Challenge #84 [Alternate]

Prompt: storm

related to Wilder Investigations

Matt and AJ sat on the porch that encircled the house that also served as his office. They watched in awe as the rapturous storm boomed and crackled and rushed them from the west.

“Where’s Charlie?” AJ asked as she sipped her dirty martini.

Matt sat in a perfect zen-state as the cool, wet wind brushed his face with the promise of meteorological violence. “The weatherman predicted a tornado, so he’s barricaded himself in the closet.”

“Can’t you convince him to come out of the closet?” AJ asked.

Matt held up a recorder and said, “Can you please repeat that?”




TitleDate Posted
Any Port In A Storm18 July 2012

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