Pens, Paper, Staples... and DOOM

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1 July 2012

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Drabble Challenge #88

Prompt: sign

related to Wilder Investigations

"Does 22 December mean anything to you?" Charlie asked.

Matt thought for a second then said, "Happy Birthday, Chuck."

"My birthday is in February. And besides, this is July."

"In that case, no."

"It's the last date on the Mayan calendar."

"Okay, so?"

"According to my calculations, the portal--"

"The one in the supply closet?"

"That's the one. On 22 December, 2012, it's going to open... and stay open."

"But it never stays open."

"I know."

"Where will it open to?"

"I don't know for sure," Charlie said, nervously eying the door. "As best I can determine... nowhere at all."



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