How to Get Ghost Out of a Home: Ghost Hunting Chapter 3

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19 August 2012

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Drabble Challenge #93

Prompt: spell

related to Wilder Investigations

“You’ve got the spell ingredients?” Charlie demanded as he and Matt crouched over the pentagram as the ghosts flickered closer.

“Yep,” Matt replied one-wordily.

“Will it work?” Charlie asked.

“Just read it,” Matt answered.

“It was not the passion that was new to her, it…” Charlie read and stopped. “That’s a quote from Lady Chatterly’s Lover,” he exclaimed.

“Yes,” Matt replied.

“Wha-a-a-a,” Charlie stuttered.

“Couldn’t find an expulsion spell, so I went with the attraction spell,” Matt explained. “Now finish reading it so the ghosts will follow you outside and don’t worry about their amorous attention, I’ve got a plan.”




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