Even Electron Minds Bowed Down

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11 July 2013

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Drabble Challenge #95 [Alternate]

Prompt: machine

part 4 of the series: Gods & Monsters

What man could and couldnít do did not stagnate after the rebirth of the Titans, but ran on four legs at top speed as all branches of the sciences exploded with discovery after discovery. Artificial intelligence quickly surpassed manís abilities but safeguards were ingrained early in the new intelligences to keep them subservient to their masters the Titans. Several of the Insatiable Ones augmented their own mental capabilities and the abilities of selected pets and the seers and norns and Delphiac priestess woke to the tethers of evil and another nail was hammered home as the Titansí tightened their grip.




TitleDate Posted
The First Machine19 August 2012

Other Alternates

TitleDate Posted
That Bastard, Edison19 August 2012


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