Charlie Finds God

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3 October 2012

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Drabble Challenge #96

Prompt: ephemeral

related to Wilder Investigations

Matt and Charlie sat miserably at the bottom of the dank, slimy pit; dirty, forlorn, and cold.

“You were right,” Matt said to Charlie’s stunned amazement.

“Wa-wa-wa what?” Charlie responded.

“If I had taken the time to think things through, we’d not be trapped here,” Matt said.

“Oh. My. God,” Charlie said, stunned. “You’re admitting I’m right AND that it’s your fault we’re trapped. There must be a God.”

At that moment a deputy stuck his head over the side and shouted, “Found you. Lucky you’re down there. That monster killed everything up here.”

“And he hates me,” Charlie finished.




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