Recipe for Magic (21+)

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12 September 2012

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Drabble Challenge #98

Prompt: root

I toss back the fierce brew, eyes closed, exhaling invisible flames. 'Dance with the Green Fairy', indeed. More like 'Seize the Green Dragon'óbut, oh, what a ride!

I open my eyes, and the world snaps crisply into focus. Every sense awakens, exquisitely tuned. I am truly "IN the moment". I want to write, paint, create.

Transformed, I savor this planet and all its wonders.

*Want to recreate this turn-of-the-century alchemy?

The foundation ingredients are easily found: anise seed, fennel, calamus root, hyssop. Angelica root, star anise, and the famed Artemisia absinthium. Through 151 rum, they are brought to life!




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