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OrdTitleAuthorDate PostedPrompt
1 Pandora's Box ClosedJoel Byers[+]7 July 2013hope
2 An Uncaring ShepherdJoel Byers[+]9 July 2013danger
3 Another Nail In the Coffin of ManJoel Byers[+]10 July 2013apocalypse
4 Even Electron Minds Bowed DownJoel Byers[+]11 July 2013machine [alt]
5 The Next StepJoel Byers[+]12 July 2013danger [alt]
6 The Machines Are Not Mindless Or HeartlessJoel Byers[+]13 July 2013mindless
7 Hope PromisedJoel Byers[+]14 July 2013hope [alt]
8 A Path UnforeseenJoel Byers[+]15 July 2013oops
9 Evil Soars Like A HawkJoel Byers[+]16 July 2013defying gravity [alt]
10 The Safety of Absolute ZeroJoel Byers[+]17 July 2013space
11 Free-Range GodlingsJoel Byers[+]18 July 2013leg
12 Atlantis ReduxJoel Byers[+]19 July 2013notes
13 Posted, No HuntingJoel Byers[+]20 July 2013closed
14 Top of the Food-Chain, Baby!Joel Byers[+]21 July 2013rogue


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