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Drabbles in Series

OrdTitleAuthorDate PostedPrompt
1 Moon's Magic, Mother's BloodJoel Byers[+]1 May 2012blood
2 Once Upon A TimeJoel Byers[+]1 May 2012fairy tale
3 Little BrothersJoel Byers[+]1 May 2012conflicted [alt]
4 Lines Are DrawnJoel Byers[+]2 May 2012shattered [alt]
5 Speak Your FearJoel Byers[+]4 May 2012fear [alt]
6 Tsiligi MagicJoel Byers[+]6 May 2012superstition [alt]
7 Trust MeJoel Byers[+]6 May 2012previous title (Trust Me) [alt]
8 One Last BoltJoel Byers[+]6 May 2012quiver [alt]
9 A Bright Future Still ShiningJoel Byers[+]6 May 2012brightness/brightly gleaming [alt]
10 The Right DecisionJoel Byers[+]6 May 2012song title (Just a Girl) [alt]
11 BaptismJoel Byers[+]7 May 2012water
12 CompanionshipJoel Byers[+]8 May 2012now what? [alt]
13 A Hanging StoppedJoel Byers[+]10 May 2012stop [alt]
14 The Teeth of a Gifted HorseJoel Byers[+]10 May 2012down the rabbit hole [alt]
15 The Beginning of WisdomJoel Byers[+]10 May 2012landing [alt]
16 The Shadow ReachedJoel Byers[+]10 May 2012good-bye [alt]
17 Vengeance Denied, A Dream DiesJoel Byers[+]10 May 2012dreams [alt]
18 Awinita's Puzzle SolvedJoel Byers[+]14 May 2012key [alt]
19 A Secret UsedJoel Byers[+]14 May 2012shadow [alt]
20 TrappedJoel Byers[+]14 May 2012fool [alt]
21 The Twins Next StopJoel Byers[+]16 May 2012late [alt]
22The GiftJoel Byers[+]16 May 2012Inspired by windfall [flash]
23 Listening to the CrowJoel Byers[+]18 May 2012clue [alt]
24 Goodie's FearJoel Byers[+]18 May 2012fear [alt]
25 A Girl's BraveryJoel Byers[+]18 May 2012box [alt]
26 A Coward Dies a Thousand TimesJoel Byers[+]18 May 2012trigger [alt]
27 Goodie Meets Her RescuersJoel Byers[+]18 May 2012unintentional [alt]
28 A Heart HardensJoel Byers[+]19 May 2012heart [alt]
29 Blood TreasureJoel Byers[+]19 May 2012buried treasure [alt]
30 The Way To Tsuwa'tel'daJoel Byers[+]21 May 2012passages [alt]
31 The Other SideJoel Byers[+]21 May 2012passages [alt]
32 “Takes-A-Beating”Joel Byers[+]21 May 2012sacrifice [alt]
33 Fate, DeterminedJoel Byers[+]21 May 2012sacrifice [alt]
34 The Lake of MudJoel Byers[+]21 May 2012sacrifice [alt]
35 Sacrifice, The ChoiceJoel Byers[+]21 May 2012sacrifice [alt]
36 Sacrifice, CompletedJoel Byers[+]21 May 2012sacrifice [alt]
37 Goodie Says NoJoel Byers[+]22 May 2012denial [alt]
38 AyitahJoel Byers[+]22 May 2012previous title (Girl) [alt]
39 IntersectionJoel Byers[+]22 May 2012prompt [alt]
40 Another Upon A TimeJoel Byers[+]22 May 2012fairy tale [alt]
41 No TearsJoel Byers[+]22 May 2012cracked [alt]
42 Nodoroc LoomsJoel Byers[+]8 June 2012safe [alt]
43 LeavingJoel Byers[+]9 June 2012take-off [alt]
44 The Boys EscapeJoel Byers[+]9 June 2012song title (Escape) [alt]
45 Changing DirectionJoel Byers[+]9 June 2012change [alt]
46 A Serendipitous RescueJoel Byers[+]10 June 2012safe [alt]
47 Sidmouth's NatureJoel Byers[+]10 June 2012impressions [alt]
48 White LiesJoel Byers[+]10 June 2012lie
49 Desire DeniedJoel Byers[+]12 June 2012denial [alt]
50 Any Port In A StormJoel Byers[+]18 July 2012storm
51 The PortJoel Byers[+]18 July 2012storm [alt]
52 Supper In The CabinJoel Byers[+]18 July 2012storm [alt]
53 Going To SleepJoel Byers[+]18 July 2012storm [alt]
54 Owners ReturnJoel Byers[+]18 July 2012storm [alt]
55 Keep Your Eyes OpenJoel Byers[+]22 July 2012word (danger)
56 Danger RecognizedJoel Byers[+]22 July 2012word (danger) [alt]
57 Goodie To The Rescue!Joel Byers[+]22 July 2012word (danger) [alt]
58 No Time To NapJoel Byers[+]22 July 2012word (danger) [alt]
59 A Crow's FrustrationJoel Byers[+]22 July 2012blackout [alt]
60 Prelude to RunningJoel Byers[+]28 July 2012escape
61 Danger LeavingJoel Byers[+]28 July 2012escape [alt]
62 Time to RunJoel Byers[+]28 July 2012escape [alt]
63 One Foot In Front Of The OtherJoel Byers[+]28 July 2012escape [alt]
64 Goodie RunsJoel Byers[+]28 July 20122010 [alt]
65 A RescueJoel Byers[+]28 July 2012safe [alt]
66 An Old Man PreparesJoel Byers[+]28 July 2012old
67 NorthwardJoel Byers[+]28 July 2012sign


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