Pain and Despair

Drabble Series

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Drabbles in Series

OrdTitleAuthorDate PostedPrompt
1 Missing FleshMark Davis [*][^][+][@]29 March 2012blood [alt]
2 Days Gone ByMark Davis [*][^][+][@]29 March 2012remember/remembrance
3 It Begins AgainMark Davis [*][^][+][@]26 April 2012now what?
4 It May be the TickerMark Davis [*][^][+][@]26 April 2012heart
5 The TestMark Davis [*][^][+][@]26 April 2012don't panic
6 The OutcomeMark Davis [*][^][+][@]26 April 2012reflection
7 Alien InvasionMark Davis [*][^][+][@]8 June 2012rhyming
8 A Midnight StrollMark Davis [*][^][+][@]10 December 2012dark
9 Out of ControlMark Davis [*][^][+][@]10 December 2012mayday
10 Breathing Again!Mark Davis [*][^][+][@]18 January 2013blackout [alt]
11 Pain PartyMark Davis [*][^][+][@]18 January 2013pirates


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