A Different Kind of Zombie Apocalypse

Drabble Series

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Drabbles in Series

OrdTitleAuthorDate PostedPrompt
1 The Importance of Reading the InstructionsMichael Bernier20 March 2016closed
2 The Undead Nature of the BeastMichael Bernier20 March 2016rogue
3 The Hunters Become the HuntedMichael Bernier23 March 2016twisted
4 How To Out-Think A Mosquito… MaybeMichael Bernier25 March 2016present
5 The Hunted Become the Hunters...AgainMichael Bernier27 April 2016fearless
6 How’s Your Handicap?Michael Bernier28 April 2016heterograph (four/for)
7 Sounds Like It Found UsMichael Bernier3 May 2016cricket
8 A Slight Change Of PlansMichael Bernier3 May 2016murder
9 Thinking on Your Feet Isn’t Always FastMichael Bernier4 May 2016drive
10 Making Use of What You've GotMichael Bernier4 May 2016teach
11 A Plan That Might WorkMichael Bernier4 May 2016wish
12 It’s Now or... WhateverMichael Bernier4 May 2016antonyms (yes/no)
13 A Short-Lived VictoryMichael Bernier11 May 2016start
14 Game *Not* OverMichael Bernier11 May 2016game
15 Going from Bad to WorseMichael Bernier21 May 2016lethargy
16 Actually, I Was Thinking of a Different Fairy TaleMichael Bernier21 May 2016hobby
17 Git Along, Little ZombiesMichael Bernier27 May 2016pareidolia
18 Desperate for Brilliance or Brilliant Desperation?Michael Bernier27 May 2016alien
19 The End of Another Typical Day At Work... Oh, and the Apocalypse TooMichael Bernier27 May 2016purple


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