A Big Farm in the Country

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10 July 2012

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Drabble Challenge #31 [Alternate]

Prompt: good-bye

part 4 of the series: Discarded and Replaced

"Will it hurt?"

"No." The technician smiled reassuringly, as he strapped the elderly automaton into the chair. "It'll be just like falling asleep."

"Then what?"


"What happens after that?"

"Oh... Your consciousness will be transferred to a virtual reality simulation where there are lots of children who are waiting for you to tell them stories."

"That sounds nice."

"You'll be happy there."

"I miss my grandkids," the old mechanical said sadly, "but I know they're just doing what's best for me."

"Yes," the technician said grimly, as he pushed the DELETE button. "I'm sure they love you very much."




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