(redundantly titled) Stop

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23 December 2008

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Drabble Challenge #26 [Alternate]

Prompt: stop
Stop this splintering up of me.
Stop thinking the "I" is your enemy.
Stop undermining my ability to be.
Stop taking my body away from me.

Stop dragging me back through my traumas.
Stop clouding my mind with these dramas.
Stop underestimating our brilliance.
Stop getting caught-up in each dalliance.
Stop casting our pearls before swine.
Stop that incessant whine!

Stop pretending that we are not worthy.
Stop letting things get so unnervey.
Stop making me doubt myself.
Stop wishing we were somebody else.

Stop this fighting against me.
We really can coexist, you see.
Stop, stopping me.





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ALTO23 December 2008


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