Schemes of the Annunaki Part 4: They All Look Alike To Me

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21 March 2013

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Drabble Challenge #15

Prompt: unintentional

part 4 of the series: Schemes of the Annunaki

"How do they reproduce?" asked Terencius. "They do not seem to incubate. We've found no evidence of ova."

"One of our agents saw a male of the species interact with one of the females," said Vedius. "The agent approached the female as she slept, subdued her with his disruptor, then removed her reproductive system and brought it to the laboratory."

The Annunaki Patrician and the Sstoi'ithlyssi transmogricist then went to the lab to examine the specimen.

"Seems quite large," said Terencius.

"Oh rot," said Vedius. "I think he eviscerated the wrong species. This is what the humans call a 'cow.'"




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