Obsession, by Calvin Clown

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28 January 2013

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Drabble Challenge #20

Prompt: clown

part 4 of the series: The True (but somewhat exaggerated) adventures of Scott and the Clown!

I saw her at the Big Top with her cotton candy hair.
She rode upon an elephant and did some cartwheels there.
She balanced on the trunk that it had pointed in the air.
Another clown then sneaked up front and put a rodent there.
The elephant freaked out beneath the shining spotlight's glare.
She did three flips then landed right upon her derrière.
The audience did laugh and clap. All I could do was stare.
Her spacious pants, her floppy blouse, what could be under there?
Would she have red stripes and dots upon her underwear?




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