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by R. Eric Smith[+]

81 Open Challenges (6 for prompts posted since joining, 1 for prompts posted this year)

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TitleDate Posted#PromptAlts
The Angry Orbs20 May 2016129pareidolia
The Alien Way Some Gamers Define Normal Words1 September 2015128hobby
Slow as Molasses in January3 May 2016127lethargy
In Some Games, Red Is The Brightest Color14 June 2015126game
A New Beginning For the Social Media Age [bonus]22 October 2014125start
What about the uncleonyms?21 June 2014124antonyms (copy/original)
Young and Beautiful14 June 2014123wish
Underground Perspective8 May 2014122teach
But the previous owner only wanted 500 pounds for it!
  related to Wilder Investigations
26 April 2014121drive
Justifiable Homicide
  related to Wilder Investigations
29 April 2014120murder
Just Call Me Mercury, Baby13 April 2014119cricket
These themes that thoroughly thicken15 February 2014118heterograph (there/their)
Can You Sign Here Please? This Counts as an Occupational Hazard
  related to Wilder Investigations
30 June 2014117fearless
When the North Pole Gets Sequestered14 December 2013116present
Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal29 October 2013115twisted
Could The Rogue have struck again? [bonus]23 October 2013114rogue
The Potboiler League3 May 2013113closed
The Sky's the Limit...or Is It?10 March 2013112hope
Space is the Place21 February 2013111space
Smarmageddon30 January 2013110neolexia (smarmageddon)
Do the Metaphors Apply to Zombies or Humans?
  part 9 of the Wilder Investigations series: An Encounter With Lady Christina
21 January 2013109mindless
Just Because They're Ghosts Doesn't Mean They're Lying
  part 5 of the Wilder Investigations series: An Encounter With Lady Christina
15 January 2013108danger
Monkey See, Monkey Don't1 January 2013107notes
A Notable Senior Moment24 December 2012106oops
The Mayan Calendar is Bollocks22 December 2012105apocalypse
Salem or Sink'em18 December 2012104proof
Do Not Read This While Eating10 December 2012103dark
They lived sort of happily ever after2 December 2012102love
Southern Culture on the Skids20 October 2012101leg
The Hundred Years War in one hundred words29 September 2012100century
When Faced With an Impossible task, Redefine the Parameters20 September 201299impossible
When Munchies Trump Intelligence
  related to Wilder Investigations
12 September 201298root
How to play like Billy Gibbons4 September 201297believe
Day in the Life of a Street Artist30 August 201296ephemeral
Hoax in the Machine
  related to Wilder Investigations
20 August 201295machine
And You Thought Badminton Games at Family Reunions Were Bad12 August 201294lost
Why there are fewer Cthulhu worshipers7 August 201293spell
Fish and Relatives stink after three days30 July 201292relative
Trouble Looms Ahead22 July 201291hide
Shangri-La de da17 July 201290shangri-la
2001: A Space Odd to See12 July 201289old
Sign of the Times19 July 201288sign
Checkout Time [bonus]30 July 201286escape
Why Frenchmen Walk the Way They Walk3 August 201285rhyming (special)
Carolina Hurricanes18 August 201284storm
Schemes of the Annunaki Part 3: The Replicators
  part 3 of the series: Schemes of the Annunaki
21 March 201363image
Because I Can't Use 'Word' in the Other Prompt24 July 201259prompt
There goes the Neighborhood [bonus]3 September 201244landing
Schemes of the Annunaki Part 2: Skin Job
  part 2 of the series: Schemes of the Annunaki
21 March 201334green
Schemes of the Annunaki Part 1: David Icke-ness
  part 1 of the series: Schemes of the Annunaki
20 March 201329down the rabbit hole
There's a circus in my pants. Everybody's coming.
  part 9 of the series: The True (but somewhat exaggerated) adventures of Scott and the Clown!
24 February 201326stop
Obsession, by Calvin Clown
  part 4 of the series: The True (but somewhat exaggerated) adventures of Scott and the Clown!
28 January 201320clown
Corporate Espionage [bonus]11 December 201218what if...?
Schemes of the Annunaki Part 4: They All Look Alike To Me
  part 4 of the series: Schemes of the Annunaki
21 March 201315unintentional

Drabble Series

Series TitleAuthorsLast Drabble PostedDrabbles
Schemes of the AnnunakiR. Eric Smith[+]21 March 20134
The True (but somewhat exaggerated) adventures of Scott and the Clown!Mark Davis [*][^][+][@]
Joel Byers[+]
R. Eric Smith[+]
Sue Bowers[+]
C. Scott Davis [@]
1 May 201414
An Encounter With Lady Christina
  related to Wilder Investigations
Mark Davis [*][^][+][@]
C. Scott Davis [@]
Michael Bernier
R. Eric Smith[+]
30 January 20139

Open Challenges

#PromptSuggested byPrompt Posted
135non-sequitur 7 March 2018
134monsters 1 July 2017
133acyrologia 11 February 2017
132cloud Charlene Marolf4 September 2016
131purple 4 May 2016
130alien (special) 11 January 2016
87word (author's choice) 21 June 2012
83lie 17 May 2012
82water Joel Byers[+]7 May 2012
81fairy tale 15 April 2012
80blood 24 March 2012
79leap 29 February 2012
78picture (special) 28 February 2012
77recovery 4 February 2012
76crash 12 January 2012
75virtual Mark Davis [*][^][+][@]1 January 2012
74paranoid/paranoia 25 August 2011
73fan fiction (author's choice) 3 July 2011
72organic Michael Bernier14 June 2011
71chicken Joel Byers[+]3 June 2011
70rapture Deneen Ansley21 May 2011
69remember/remembrance Michael Bernier21 April 2011
68abandon 23 February 2011
67cold 11 January 2011
66imagine 8 December 2010
65late 11 August 2010
64pun 1 July 2010
62sacrifice 18 May 2010
61safe 1 May 2010
60earth 22 April 2010
58fool 1 April 2010
57text Julie Carriker22 March 2010
56pi/pie 14 March 2010
55day of the week (author's choice) Michael Bernier24 February 2010
54heart 14 February 2010
53through the looking glass 27 January 2010
52cracked Deneen Ansley22 January 2010
512010 13 January 2010
50box 26 December 2009
49pause 2 December 2009
48spooky 31 October 2009
47conflicted 16 October 2009
46fear 28 September 2009
45series (author's choice) 12 September 2009
43take-off Deneen Ansley11 August 2009
42key 17 July 2009
41denial 25 June 2009
40dreams 12 June 2009
39blackout Deneen Ansley28 May 2009
38trigger 19 May 2009
37clue Joel Byers[+]12 May 2009
36mayday 1 May 2009
35anniversary 13 April 2009
33buried treasure Deneen Ansley4 March 2009
32interview with... Joel Byers[+]17 February 2009
31good-bye Julie Carriker9 February 2009
30shadow 2 February 2009
28change 20 January 2009
27resolution 1 January 2009
25now what? 2 December 2008
24don't panic 31 October 2008
23digital Kirsten Ireland [*][@][!]22 October 2008
22song title (author's choice) 28 September 2008
21shattered 22 September 2008
19brightness/brightly gleaming Deneen Ansley5 September 2008
17quiver 17 August 2008
16zombies Joel Byers[+]11 August 2008
14previous title (author's choice) 26 July 2008
13superstition 16 July 2008
12power 4 July 2008
11happy family vacation Julie Carriker23 June 2008
10reflection 18 June 2008
9impressions 9 June 2008
8pig juice Deneen Ansley1 June 2008
7windfall 26 May 2008
6pirates Joel Byers[+]18 May 2008
5passages Julie Carriker12 May 2008
4out of time 4 May 2008
3secrets 27 April 2008
2defying gravity 20 April 2008
1fire 13 April 2008


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