Pandora's Box Closed

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7 July 2013

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Drabble Challenge #112

Prompt: hope

part 1 of the series: Gods & Monsters

In 2043 it happened at a Regeneron laboratory in New Delhi, all cancer was cured at a terrible, dreadful cost. The scientists discovered how to turn off the gene sequence that enabled cancer. In 2046 the scientists realized that by switching these genes off, they had also stopped the intrinsic aging of the body for a small percentage of the volunteers. The volunteers and scientists were quickly and quietly silenced. Later, Regeneron announced to the world that a genetic test was available to determine a person’s curability. Immortality was quietly peddled to the world’s elite and the Titans were reborn.



Alternate Drabbles

TitleDate Posted
Hope Promised14 July 2013


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