Thrown Into Fountains

[<] [>]  by Julie Carriker

19 July 2008

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Drabble Challenge #13

Prompt: superstition

part 2 of the Roddy series: Roddy

Wished in fountains
Spent a fortune over the years
The fountains were different,
But the wishes always the same;
‘Help me find him.’
‘Show him I’m not just some silly girl.’
‘Tell him that I love him.’
‘Let him know I’m here, waiting.’

For so long I believed
I hoped,
I dreamed
Then everyone said;
‘Be realistic.
‘It’ll never happen.
‘Grow up!’
So I stopped believing,
Hid my wishes away

Was it a fantasy?
Or could it have been real?
Would I be with him now,
If I’d held onto my wishes,
Closed my eyes,
And thrown them in fountains?



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