Alien Invasion

[<] [>]  by Mark Davis [*][^][+][@]

8 June 2012

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Drabble Challenge #85

Prompt: rhyming (special)

part 7 of the series: Pain and Despair

Beneath my skin, the little aliens do creep.
My legs must move, to prevent the severe pain.
While these awful things, prevent my sleep.

Keeping them still, is quite a strain.
My leg muscles spasm, extremely hard.
These aliens inside me, must be slain.

I climb out of bed, and head out to the yard.
On my legs I walk, in the dead of night.
The danger of falling, I must disregard.

I do not know, if you can understand my plight.
It's not really aliens, but restless leg syndrome.
I'm sure I'll be up, from now till dawn’s light.




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