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by Sue Bowers[+]

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TitleDate Posted#PromptAlts
Fantastic Acronym8 June 2017133acyrologia
Sport of the Gods30 August 2015128hobby
Relative Gains29 May 2015127lethargy
This Isn't Candy Land2 March 2015126game
Keepers16 September 2015125start
The Revisionist23 September 2015124antonyms (fiction/fact)
Of Epic and David2 March 2015123wish
One Experience A-Head7 September 2015122teach
Dream Job for a Bozophile
  part 12 of the series: The True (but somewhat exaggerated) adventures of Scott and the Clown!
25 April 2014121drive
It's Not Murder, When...2 March 2015120murder
Pet Human6 March 2014119cricket
Souls Only (No Shells Allowed)26 February 2014118heterograph (flour/flower)
Evolutionary Dysfunction?23 February 2014117fearless
Domino Effect12 December 2013116present
Faith in Ferocity23 October 2013115twisted
Deer Season
  part 2 of the series: Silver Wolf
20 October 2013114rogue
To the Loyal End4 May 2013113closed
Later Entries from Mission Improbable9 March 2013112hope
The Physics of Personal Space 10122 February 2013111space
Career Day: Edgepatrol23 February 2013110neolexia (edgepatrol)
The Furious Incident of the Black Dog in the Night-time22 February 2013109mindless
Choosing Danger23 February 2013108danger
Spell-ing Lessons2 January 2013107notes
Straight Dope From the Future2 January 2013106oops
Back on the Horse...2 January 2013105apocalypse
Root Cause2 January 2013104proof
Like Moths to Any Flame11 December 2012103dark
Matters of the Heart1 December 2012102love
America's Funniest Malpractice19 October 2012101leg
In Time1 October 2012100century
Coolest. Job. Ever.22 September 201299impossible
Recipe for Magic (21+)12 September 201298root
Rule by Reason (A Rationalist Fantasy?)4 September 201297believe
Harvest of the Souls28 August 201296ephemeral
Path of Least Resistance26 August 201295machine
Is There Really a Black Cat, in the Dark?12 August 201294lost
Cheater! (The Magic of Binaural Beat Technology)7 August 201293spell
Lessons in Perspective29 July 201292relative1
In Plain Sight23 July 201291hide
Telegraph from a Tibetan Village15 July 201290shangri-la
Relic of the Early 2000's9 July 201289old1
Sign of the Times
  part 2 of the series: 10 PH: Drabbles on Post-Human History
1 July 201288sign
It's Dark in Here29 June 201287word (dark)
Free at Last?15 June 201286escape
Feeding the Wrong Wolf11 June 201285rhyming (special)
Jurassic Storm29 May 201284storm
Go Fetch!18 May 201283lie
But More is Always Better!9 May 201282water
King and Queen: Request
  part 2 of the series: King and Queen
17 April 201281fairy tale1
Imported Delights24 March 201280blood
Leap of Faith25 March 201279leap
Speck the Great!1 March 201278picture (special)
Titus21 February 201277recovery
Programmed Malfunction12 January 201276crash
Virtual Bullfight1 January 201275virtual
Paranoia13 December 201174paranoid/paranoia
Beneath the Cold Desert Plateau16 June 201273fan fiction (H.P. Lovecraft - The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath)
And the Hunter Becomes the Hunted...
  part 5 of the series: 10 PH: Drabbles on Post-Human History
4 July 201272organic
What Were They Thinking?24 July 201271chicken
If a World Ends in the Forest...19 July 201270rapture
Remember13 December 201169remember/remembrance
Abandon13 December 201168abandon
A Man's Gotta Do [bonus]29 May 201267cold
Humans Will Be Humans...29 July 201266imagine
Now or Never?27 July 201265late
Attire on Trial28 July 201264pun
Meddle Physics19 July 201263image1
In the Boss's Office Again9 July 201262sacrifice
Playing it Safe10 July 201261safe
  part 1 of the series: Design Flaws
13 July 201260earth2
Solvent Storage7 August 201259prompt
Shark Whisperer29 July 201258fool
Gaining an Edge10 August 201257text
All In One's Choice of Bait15 August 201256pi/pie
One Man's Trash...28 July 201255day of the week (Trash Day)
In a Day's Work1 August 201254heart
Possession24 July 201253through the looking glass
To Make a Record, You've Gotta Break a Few Eggs10 August 201252cracked
Fun Times28 July 2012512010
Whose Life is it, Anyway?26 August 201250box
The Methuselah Tree, At Last
  part 3 of the series: King and Queen
5 October 201249pause
A Graveyard Adventure9 July 201248spooky
Impaired by Authority31 August 201247conflicted
How to Stay Afraid24 July 201246fear
A Market for Souls
  part 2 of the series: In the Soul of the Beholder
10 October 201245series (Good Riddance)
Ode to Black Lumps in the Yard26 August 201244landing
Prepare for Take-Off! [bonus]7 June 201243take-off
Key to Freedom19 July 201242key
Debating for the Other Side17 June 201241denial
Lethe10 August 201240dreams
Balance of Power5 October 201239blackout
Casualties of the War of Words4 July 201238trigger
Spent wisely?10 October 201237clue
Mayday Solution10 October 201236mayday
Bombs and Bullets9 September 201235anniversary
Crash26 August 201234green
Message in a Pocket23 September 201233buried treasure
A Brief Interview with the Historian
  part 3 of the series: 10 PH: Drabbles on Post-Human History
4 July 201232interview with...
Oktobr8 September 201231good-bye
Entertaining the Echoes14 July 201230shadow
When Your Brain Runs out of Storage...18 September 201229down the rabbit hole
Harbinger of Continuity
  part 4 of the series: 10 PH: Drabbles on Post-Human History
4 July 201228change
We Must Take Drastic Steps...
  part 3 of the series: Design Flaws
15 July 201227resolution
New Game10 October 201226stop
Wheee, Let's Dissociate!15 August 201225now what?
The Devil You Know1 August 201224don't panic
Analog to Digital2 August 201223digital
Hell No, the Toys Won't Go! [bonus]1 August 201222song title (Movin' Out)
Suicide Ad Infinitum2 October 201221shattered
Drawbacks of the Clown23 September 201220clown
A Brilliant Silence [bonus]5 May 201219brightness/brightly gleaming
Planet 2.0
  part 2 of the series: Design Flaws
13 July 201218what if...?
The Tao of Dungeons and Dragons?16 August 201217quiver
The Zombie Solution14 July 201216zombies
Twisted Mental Meanderings on the Nature of Possessions10 October 201215unintentional
Pieces10 October 201214previous title (Pieces)
Devaluing "Intelligent Design" in 100 Words or Less (...Because I Like to Argue)16 August 201213superstition1
God School16 August 201212power
Seasonal Geography16 June 201211happy family vacation
The Ghosts of Perceptions Past5 July 201210reflection
The World, in 3D29 August 20129impressions2
Culture War16 June 20128pig juice
Win: Fall29 August 20127windfall
Cutest. Pirates. Ever.26 August 20126pirates
An Open Letter to High Speed Transportation [bonus]30 August 20125passages
False Idols [bonus]
  part 1 of the series: 10 PH: Drabbles on Post-Human History
30 June 20124out of time
Whisper18 September 20123secrets
The Price of Flight18 September 20122defying gravity
Gehenna at Last
  part 6 of the series: 10 PH: Drabbles on Post-Human History
5 July 20121fire

Alternate Drabbles

TitleDate Posted#Prompt
Theories of Relativity29 July 201292relative
Flashback: Bozophilia, the Early Days
  part 8 of the series: The True (but somewhat exaggerated) adventures of Scott and the Clown!
24 February 201389old
King & Queen: Guardians
  part 1 of the series: King and Queen
17 April 201281fairy tale
A Little 21st Century Witchcraft [april fools]2 April 201313superstition
By Its Cover [bonus]10 December 201263image
Survival of the Meanest [bonus]20 October 201360earth
They Reign, Uninterrupted24 October 201260earth
A Puzzle for the Day: Literary Impact19 March 20139impressions
I Wish Your Wish Comes True24 June 20139impressions

Drabble Series

Series TitleAuthorsLast Drabble PostedDrabbles
Silver WolfCharlene Marolf
Sue Bowers[+]
Deneen Ansley
14 June 20144
The True (but somewhat exaggerated) adventures of Scott and the Clown!Mark Davis [*][^][+][@]
Joel Byers[+]
R. Eric Smith[+]
Sue Bowers[+]
C. Scott Davis [@]
1 May 201414
In the Soul of the BeholderC. Scott Davis [@]
Sue Bowers[+]
10 October 20122
Design FlawsSue Bowers[+]15 July 20123
10 PH: Drabbles on Post-Human HistorySue Bowers[+]5 July 20126
King and QueenSue Bowers[+]5 October 20123

Open Challenges

#PromptSuggested byPrompt Posted
135non-sequitur 7 March 2018
134monsters 1 July 2017
132cloud Charlene Marolf4 September 2016
131purple 4 May 2016
130alien (special) 11 January 2016
129pareidolia 11 December 2015


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