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Writing saved Julie Carrikerís life. It is her life! She is a trained high school English teacher, with BA degrees in English and Secondary Education/English and an MA degree in Curriculum and Instruction/Secondary English from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, but is currently focusing on writing full-time. Julie writes various types of pieces, including poetry, short essays and stories, as well as longer pieces, and did an extensive amount of academic/research writing during her university years. She has participated in, and completed, the National Novel Writing Month challege the past four years. Currently her main focus is the completion of "Dancing in the Breeze with Daffodils," the third novel in the "Language of Flowers" series, co-written with her writing partner, Lelisia Hall. She is also in need of a literary agent to help get these novels published. She lives in the inspiring and creative city of Savannah, Georgia.

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