The Door into the Rose Garden

by Julie Carriker and Lelisia Hall

Author's Note

This project began in May of 2004. Lee and I were living a thousand miles apart when we discovered this story which we felt we needed to tell. We began by deciding that Lee would primarily write the character of Roddy, I would primarily write the character of Linda, and we would work together on everything else. We did this in many ways over the next two years, the most immediate, effective, and rewarding method was writing using Instant Messenger. This enabled our characters’ reactions to each other and their surroundings to be authentic—plus it was a lot of fun!

This is a melding of documented historical fact and creations out of our own minds. Real people and events are included in the story-line, and we have done a great deal of research to get the details and feel of the time. I’ve always referred to it as Historical Fiction or Alternative History, but I recently heard the term ‘fact-fiction,’ which seems perfect.

I’ve been writing on my own for almost the last year and the novel is currently just over 350 pages long. Right now I’m trying to tie up loose ends to finish, and then hopefully publish. I have great dreams for Roddy and Linda—I want them to be nothing less than cultural icons. Dream big, right? The plan is for this to be the first in a series of books telling Linda and Roddy’s story, and the life that surrounds them in New York City during the 1950s.

Julie Carriker – Savannah, Georgia

Chapter 1

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