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Kirsten Ireland was born on November 7, 1979. She began writing at an early age, brightening the lives of her family members with stories that sometimes made sense, but often times didn't. Most of these stories are currently being held in a large vault, (sometimes called a cardboard box) tucked away in the spare bedroom closet of her family home in Indiana.

The bulk of Kirsten's work includes poetry, essays, and short stories.

Kirsten currently resides in Muncie Indiana, where she is also a portrait painter as well as a singer/songwriter.

Published Works

Time on Earth
published in Warps in the Tapestry

38 stories and 3 illustrations
published in Shared Words: Volume One


-- from Warps in the Tapestry --

Time On Earth: This was a super fun and detailed story! While the audience level is more advanced, it almost reminded me of the Goosebumps stories I read as a kid - specifically the ones where the characters turned out to be aliens and such. The ending, too, was very R.L. Stine-esque - he's known for his cliffhanger endings and shocking last-minute plot twists, and the end result in this story very much reminded me of that. I liked the little bit of humor that was thrown in and, overall, I think the characters and the conflict were very detailed, given the brevity of the story!
Rating: 5 Stars ~~ Britt on Goodreads

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Other Writing

Coming Up - a collection of personal essays
Bindings - a novel in progress



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