Perpetual Care

by Laura Beth Caldwell

Perpetual Care (cover)

'Perpetual Care' is a lesbian vampire love story set in sultry Savannah Georgia.

About the Book

NAOMI TALBOT is haunted by shadows--shadows which confide in her, shadows which taunt her, shadows which remind her of what she has become. Popular fiction would label her--vampire. But she is more than what that word can define. She is a traveler between parallel worlds--the worlds of the living and the dead.

Savannah Georgia is as much a part of Naomi's existence as is the stolen blood which flows through her veins. For it was in this sultry city, in the year 1923, that Naomi learned of love. A love that found its place in the hearts of two young women...a love that would transcend death itself. For Naomi, ESTHER BLANKENSHIP was the embodiment of that love.

Cut off from the living at the birth of her sexual awakening, Naomi journeys through eight decades of self-discovery as she questions love, immortality, and God. In her quest to reunite herself with her lost Esther, she soon learns of the dark curse which has brought about her condition--a curse that was placed on her family by slaves long dead for sins which have not been forgotten. As Naomi seeks answers from the spirits of her dead ancestors, she is soon called upon to protect the last living member of her family from the darkness which haunts them. For Naomi, this will come at a great price...

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