My Dear Angela

by Maria Alvarez

My Dear Angela:

I have come to join your friends and family
In Silence and in Prayer.
To pay respects to your vessel turned into shell.
Then, I will return home heartbroken,
And in solitude, find peace.

But before I go, I have something to say
To those who claimed to have known you well.
I pray to God they caught a glimpse of your spirit dancing,
Underneath the moonlihgt, adorned with diamonds and pearls.

You were young,
You were kind,
You were gentle,
And you mattered!

We must treat all sentient beings with love and respect -
Don't ask why -
It doesn't matter,
For a world without compassion makes life unbearable.

We must travel lightly, this path, with eyes open....

See it, listen to it, accept it and hold it.
Don't ask why -
It doesn't matter,
For one day we will be rightly delivered.

And it will be calm....

There will be nothing to be added to what has been done.
Nothing more for one to do.
Just like a rock of solid mass remains unshaken by the wind.

Even so -
Neither forms, nor sounds, nor taste,
Nor contacts of any kind,
Neither desire, nor the lack of desire,
Will agitate such a one....

God's speed my love.
My Friend.
Until we meet again,


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