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Diagnosed with dyslexia near the end of my first grade year, I was unable to read and write as well as the other kids in my class. It would have probably been best had the school kept me back in first grade but they decided to pass me anyway. This was the beginning of a lifelong challenge for me. I had to learn how to reverse the characters and words in my mind so that I was able to read and write correctly. It was a long, hard process but I did accomplish it. Due to this disability, I never was able to enjoy reading and writing much in my early years of life. I later found that the secret was to read and write small amounts at a time. This is probably why I enjoy short stories and drabbles so much. Till this day I still have challenges due to the dyslexia. Quite often I find myself switching places with two letters. Long periods of reading or writing will quite often give me headaches. One of my biggest problems is spelling. I have gotten better with this over the years and "spell check" is quite often a life saver. As I have gotten older I have started having a lot of other health issues as well but I try not to allow these problems to stand in my way.

I feel I am a very diverse person and have many different likes and dislikes. I do not have a single single project or goal in my life. I enjoy writing, singing, writing music, computer programing, art and graphic design, along with many other forms of creativity and entertainment. There is no one particular style of music, writing, or movie that I enjoy more than any other. I try to take each individual story or song and judge in on it's own, whether it be country, rock, western, sifi, any other style. I feel the same about authors, actors, musicians, and etc. I like some more than other but for the most part I will view each of their creations and judge it on is own merit.

I am a Christian and a believer in God and Jesus but my views of who they are and what they are all about have changed quite a bit over my lifetime and especially the last few years. I have learned and now fully believe that love for God and each other is the most important thing in life. It is not my place to judge others but to love them.

If I could sum up what I have found is the best way to be happy it would be to love one another and to allow each and every day bring with it it's own form of happiness, whatever that may be.

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