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Sue Bowers is a displaced 'desert rat' with a passion for feral cats, dingoes, and hybrid wolves. She enjoys all sorts of obscure stuff, new experiences, philosophising, grokking the Great Outdoors, and disrupting the status quo.

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Ice Riders
published in Critical Mass and other stories

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-- from Critical Mass and other stories --

Ice Riders: This story was interesting, I think, because of its brevity. All things considered, the idea of animals-attacking-animals is fairly simple, but it was written in a way that made it just as... intriguing? horrific? as the other stories in this compilation. The imagery was simple, but effective, and I think that's what made this story so strong. And, I liked the narration. Especially the way it ended - it leaves the reader with a feeling of... hopelessness, I think. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this addition to the compilation.
Rating: 4 Stars ~~ Britt on Goodreads

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