Shared Words: Volume One

by Deneen Ansley, Sue Bowers, Joel Byers, Julie Carriker, Mark Davis, C. Scott Davis,
Kirsten Ireland, Michael Bernier, Charlene Marolf, R. Eric Smith, Laura Beth Caldwell,
Maria Alvarez, Lelisia Hall, Allison McVann and Kerry D. King

Shared Words: Volume One

In this book you will find an eclectic collection of drabbles (100 word stories) from an even more eclectic collection of authors. Each one is exactly 100 words (not including the title) and was written specifically for one of 50 illustrated prompts.


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Contributing Authors

Deneen Ansley50
Sue Bowers50
Joel Byers 50
Julie Carriker50
Mark Davis50
C. Scott Davis 50
Kirsten Ireland 38
Michael Bernier19
Charlene Marolf7
R. Eric Smith 7
Laura Beth Caldwell 6
Maria D. Alvarez2
Lelisia Hall2
Allison McVann2
Kerry D. King 1

Contributing Artists

R. Eric Smith 17
Mark Davis8
Kim Bowers 4
C. Scott Davis 3
Kirsten Ireland 3
Deneen Ansley2
Jon Frye2
Tanya Shiree Gadd 2
Jess Wanner 2
L. Whyte 2
Joel Byers 1
Shanell Monay Dennis 1
Warren Farr 1
Nina Schreblowski 1
Seth Sims 1


Shared Words: Volume One

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