Deneen Ansley

Deneen Ansley began her writing career as a young girl, living in the richly cultured foothills of the Blueridge Mountains of Northeast Georgia. Against this backdrop, she learned to release her feelings, emotions, experiences and growth to the written page.

Deneen’s writings have touched those people around her since her youth, and her talent with the written word has allowed her to escape the drudgery of life - and, sometimes when that small miracle occurs, to take others with her on that journey. [ ... Read full bio ]

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Autobiographical Blog

The In and Out Patient

Other Published Works

50 stories and 2 illustrations
published in Shared Words: Volume One

published in Lynsey Moon's Fever Dreams

Writing Challenges

Flash Writings

Ye Gods! - The Series

Book I: Child of Light
Book II: When Dogs Could Talk
Book III: Untitled
Book IV: Cassandra’s Wake
Book V: Untitled
Book VI: Knowing Jesus (Hovannah Comes Home)

Other Projects

Too Much to Bear - NaNoWriMo 2008
The Awake People - NaNoWriMo 2007
God, Take My Feet (Working Title)
The Honey House
All Over Me -
Little Prophet


From one Fruit Loop to the Others
God's Love Note
Humans Being
This Love -
Five Second Rule
Your Love Is Nothing Special
I Don’t Need Your Body
Silent Women Screaming
fLowering Beds of Death

Fan Fiction

A Man’s Gotta’ Do - Wilder Investigations fan fiction
Don't I Know You? - Wilder Investigations fan fiction


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