Critical Mass and other stories

by C. Scott Davis, Joel Byers, Deneen Ansley, R. Eric Smith, and Sue Bowers

Critical Mass and other stories

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About Critical Mass and other stories

This is a book about monsters.

Monsters who love us. Monsters who hate us. The monsters we nurture, and the monsters we become. They may be imperceptibly small or unimaginably vast, completely devoid of thought or filled with incomprehensible rage and hunger, but regardless of scale or motivation, they cannot be ignored.

On these pages, you will meet an artist who plays with the geometry of madness, a child who refuses to accept the rules of loss, and a mind unravelled by the forgotten touch of a cold dark world. From the illusionary safety of childhood, to the intersection of beauty and horror, corporeal prisons, and serial suicides, these stories expose the lingering echoes of forsaken lives, disturbing visions of cruel futures, and ultimately ask the question: "What do you do when faced with the unthinkable?"

Includes the complete novel Critical Mass, along with the following short stories:

Come into the Light, My Darlings
Infernal Ratio
Killing Me Softly
The Angel's Seed
Ice Riders

cover painting The coming of Cthulhu by Jeroen van Valkenburg


Critical Mass and other stories

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