Tanya Gadd

Tanya Shiree Gadd began her geometric style drawings at an early age, and doodles them when bored. Even though she has received, much to her astonishment, comments on her drawings as to their unique and interesting look, she still doesn't consider herself an artist. Her parents, on the other hand, are convinced otherwise, and they pressured her into doing artwork for their book.

Tanya lives in Northeast Georgia with her two well-loved, ungrateful children, one of whom wonít do her homework, even under punishment of death. When not being a full-time mom, the rest of her time is spent working as a Certified Nursing Assistantóbut her secret inner-life reveals her to be an avid reader who is always writing stories in her mind.

Tanya hopes eventually to live in a world with few people, no phones, an awesome Internet, and more science fiction/fantasy books than she can ever hope to read.

Published Works

2 illustrations
published in Shared Words: Volume One

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