The Vixen

[<] [>]  by Charlene Marolf

18 November 2012

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Drabble Challenge #101

Prompt: leg

The temptress he's been stealing peeks at stands, strolling in his direction. Instantly, Denny's mouth goes dry.

"Look at me please" he says to himself. The enchantress looks at him, smiling.

Pausing, she places a stiletto-adorned foot on a neighboring chair. Adjusting a small wrinkle in her silken hose, she smooths it up her leg. Glancing at Denny through long luxurious hair, she winks. Removing her foot, she sashays away.

A sharp blow to the back of Denny's head rocks it forward. "Put your tongue back in your mouth, you look ridiculous" says the venomous voice of his fiance Diane.



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