The Game of Groans

[<] [>]  by Charlene Marolf

21 February 2015

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Drabble Challenge #126

Prompt: game

Princess Duh'Licious stood atop a windy precipice, perusing her enemies below. Fifty thousand, at least. Her army, "The Unrespectables," were only ten thousand. There would be no aid from her brother, Prince Duh'Dorkle. Two days ago, he had put his gilded helmet on backwards, and still couldn't get it off.

Her face turning cherry-red, she blew a raspberry at her antagonists. "This isn't any fun anymore!" She screamed at them. "I'm taking my toys and going home!"

Infuriated, she glanced around, worried that someone had heard her. Picking up her worthless saber, and her own gilded helmet, she stormed off.




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