If The Shoe Doesn't Fit

[<] [>]  by Charlene Marolf

6 June 2015

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Drabble Challenge #127

Prompt: lethargy

Trying to shout, "Stillwell Darling, Pookie cant swim!," the angry lifeguard handing over my dripping wet poodle puppy, my voice softly trailed off. The sun was making me very sleepy.

Eyes closed, I heard a screech nearby. Smiling, I knew the rotten fellow had poured his lemonade on a sunbather. They'd be fine. It wouldn't ruin this relaxing day.

The quiet caused me to crack open an eye.

Shouting, "Mister, stop right there!", I dived for the pool, watching as my gold high heeled sandals tumbled through the air, splashing into the water.

Wide awake, I sobbed, "Not my Vuittons!"




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