The Once Upon A Time Girl

[ ] [>]  by Charlene Marolf

9 March 2015

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Drabble Challenge #2

Prompt: defying gravity

She missed the Once Upon A Time Girl. Smiling, she followed along, feeling the prettiness, the happiness. Feeling the lightness, the journey of the wind as a puff of dandelion seeds. Sitting in a tree top, face tilted to the sun, breezes tousling her hair. Spreading her arms, she would lightly float down. Returning to earth, strappy high heels would sparkle as she tippy-tapped along the sidewalks. Reflections from a store front window revealed a happy face, wind-blushed cheeks, and smiles of strangers.

Now, Once Upon A Time girl was gone. Heart aching, she held tight the memories of herself.




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