Dreams [bonus]

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10 May 2012

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(This drabble was written using Bonus Challenge words: Highlight First)

Drabble Challenge #40

Prompt: dreams

Deputy Jones placed his gun and badge on the table. “What’s this?” asked the sheriff. Jones nervously scratched his ear.

“Well sir, directing traffic is getting stale. I think the sun has set on my law enforcement days. They’re over.”

“What do you plan to do now?”

“The vast splendor of our world begs me to chase my dreams of painting.”

“Geez Jones, that’s the biggest bunch of hot daisy nipples I’ve ever heard!”

“Yeah, I told my wife you wouldn’t buy it.”

“So give me the truth.”

“I’ve decided to go back to school.”

“For what?”

Jones blushed. “Cosmetology.”




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