Attire on Trial

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28 July 2012

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Drabble Challenge #64

Prompt: pun

Louis stood idly in the court, the judge's balls in his hand.

"Toss me those tennis balls, Bro, so I can put them up," Judge Milner said. "I'm due back on the bench in an hour. And put some pants on, for Chrissakes."

"Why? It's HOT. I'm wearing boxers..."

"There's kids over there."

"So? They're watching the zoo animals. And THEY'RE not wearing pants. The animals, I mean." Louis gestured at the nearest exhibits: a polar bear, a donkey, a flock of colourful birds. "See any clothes on those chicks? And this side? Bear. Ass. Naked.

"I rest my case."




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