Imagine All The People

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14 April 2013

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Drabble Challenge #66

Prompt: imagine

Dr Spleen worried about the upcoming Internal Organ conference. His topic was "Color In Tonsillectomies," noting that aqua tonsils were particularly bad. This being his first speech ever, he saw himself blithering "Buh buh buh" onstage.

His wife, Eileen Spleen, sympathized. "Take the old advice. Imagine everyone in their underwear." That sounded good to Dr Spleen.

The big day arrived. Repeating "underwear, underwear, underwear" he glanced out, surveying the crowd. Wow, they really WERE in their underwear: men in baggy boxers and briefs, women in lacy bras, slips and panties. Eyes bulging, "Buh buh buh" was all he could say.




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