Senior Moment?

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6 November 2012

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Drabble Challenge #89

Prompt: old

"Senior, ma'am?" the clerk asks.

A moment slips by. Then, confused, I reply, "Pardon?"

"Senior, ma'am?" she repeats slowly, with exaggerated politeness.

I gaze at her blankly. My bottle of arthritis-strength Tylenol and extra-large bottle of herbal menopause supplements that I so desperately need wait patiently on the check out counter.

I narrow my eyes to an irritated squint as the meaning of her question finally sinks in.

"No, THANK you" is my icy reply. I pay for my items, grab the bag, and exit the store in a fury.

"Unbelievable", I mumble to myself indignantly. "She thinks I'm-I'm--OLD!"




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