Hunting for Love

[<] [>]  by Charlene Marolf

22 June 2013

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Drabble Challenge #9

Prompt: impressions

part 1 of the series: Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf crouched down to study the impressions of hooves beside the drying creek bed.

Deer. And quite a few. But also cougar tracks. His mind dull with hunger, he doubted his ability to both hunt, and avoid the big cat.

He thought of Pale Moon, heavy with their first child. Uncomplaining, the toll of hunger came forth in her sunken eyes. He imagined her, pink-cheeked and laughing, with a belly full of her delicious venison stew.

Driven by his thoughts,he reached for his knife. He would be safe and successful, for the sake of her and the babe.




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