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C. Scott Davis

C. Scott Davis is a writer, game designer, computer programmer, humorist (of dubious quality), musician (even more dubious) and generally interested in almost everything. He is also an olympic-class waffler and has two silver medals in procrastination. [ ... Read full bio ]

Coming in 2022!

Wilder Investigations: The Reluctant Corpse
by Joel Byers and C. Scott Davis

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Critical Mass (novella); Come into the Light, My Darlings; and Killing Me Softly
published in Critical Mass and other stories

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Other Published Works

Defending Azazel
published in Warps in the Tapestry

Vox Universum
published in Power: In the Hands of One, In the Hands of Many

The Sky-Rock Thief
published in Cracks in the Tapestry

published in the November 2016 issue of 404 Ink

Here Inside I'm Like Metal, Aren't You?
published in the 2015 issue of The Nassau Review

The Last Campfire
published in the anthology A Convergence of Worlds

Anima Divinitas and The Suffering Sky-Rockets
published in Lynsey Moon's Fever Dreams

50 stories and 3 illustrations
published in Shared Words: Volume One

The Wax Butterfly
published in the 2013 issue of The Nassau Review

Wilder Investigations #1: Mirror, Mirror
written by Joel Byers, C. Scott Davis and R. Eric Smith
illustrated by R. Eric Smith and L. Whyte

Leave the Girls Alone (Laisse Tomber les Filles)
by Kirsten Ireland and C. Scott Davis
English lyrics by C. Scott Davis
music and original French lyrics by Serge Gainsbourg


-- from Warps in the Tapestry --

Defending Azazel: This story is similar to The Green Mile in that you know what's going to happen, know he doesn't deserve it, and yet you can't do anything about it. I think this story handles 'controversial' topics, like morale in the military, superbly well, and, at the same time, it is simply devastating. The last scene, in particular, really hits home - and, as said above, tugs at the same emotions that The Green Mile did. This story just really, really fucks with your conscience and your sense of "right vs. wrong" and, though it is intense, I highly recommend for anyone who thinks they can handle that!
Rating: 5 Stars ~~ Britt on Goodreads

-- from Critical Mass and other stories --

Come Into The Light, My Darlings: So, I read a lot of fucked up stories as a kid (what can I say - Goosebumps was my favorite thing on Earth when I was 7, and the collection of horror stories just branched off from there) and this reminded me exactly of something I would find in one of my old books of short horror stories. And I *loved* it. It was short, but the horrific shock factor was spot on, as well as the... morbid fascination. This story had the perfect mixture of horrific fascination, nostalgia, and shock value. I loved it.
Rating: 5 Stars ~~ Britt on Goodreads

Killing Me Softly: Much like 'Wake,' all I have to say is: what the fuck. It took a second to figure out what the hell was going on, but once it did finally click, I loved it. I love the openness of wondering why the hell this is a thing that happens to this character. And, actually, while I know the things in this story weren't necessarily shadows, this story reminds me of one of the novels I just recently read - The Darkening by Chris Sarantopoulos. While Killing Me Softly was *much* shorter, the concepts are very similar.
Rating: 5 Stars ~~ Britt on Goodreads

Critical Mass: This story took a little while, maybe a chapter or so, to get into, because it took took me a second to figure out what the hell was going on, but I'm glad I stuck with it because I think it was definitely my favorite of the set. The imagery was... incredible? horrifying? incredibly horrifying?, and after awhile the characters themselves felt incredibly real. The ending in particular reminds me of something, but I... can't figure out what? I think it reminds me of another story somewhere, but I can't think of the name. And, I absolutely Was Not expecting the ending. Maybe it was because of this story's length compared to the others, but the plot twists were incredible, and I'm definitely glad that Critical Mass was saved for last.
Rating: 5 Stars ~~ Britt on Goodreads

-- from Cracks in the Tapestry --

The Sky-Rock Thief: Though this story wasn't necessarily horror, it reminded me of a story one might find in the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series. I absolutely loved those books as a kid and The Sky-Rock Thief does an excellent job of reminding me of those stories, while also stirring sci-fi and mystery elements into the mix. I think the story might have been a little *too* quick - it seemed one second I was just starting it and the next second it was over - but, overall, it's a great story with lots of intrigue for such a small span of space.
Rating: 4 Stars ~~ Britt on Goodreads

-- from A Convergence of Worlds --

The Last Campfire: Of the stories, this one was the darkest. It is set in a fictional world and describes soldiers on a night before battle. The story unfolds at a steady pace, providing the reader with information about the setting and characters on an as-needed basis. It is difficult to comment on the plot without revealing spoilers, so I will simply say that the story is mythological, mysterious, and compelling. It keeps the reader guessing until the end, at which time the reveal is satisfying and creative. This story is the most well-written and complete of the four.
~~ Kate M. Colby on Goodreads



First Drafts

A Life Disordered - NaNoWriMo 2007
Uncertain Terms - NaNoWriMo 2006
Critical Mass - NaNoWriMo 2005
Suffer the Children - NaNoWriMo 2004
Umbra Mortis - NaNoWriMo 2003


Earth's Last Light - NaNoWriMo 2008
The Reluctant Corpse - collaborative novel written with Joel Byers
Serpent's Tooth - a sequel (of sorts) to Suffer the Children

Fan Fiction

Relative Dimensions in Cyber Space - [eBook] [Kindle]
Darkness on the Edge of Town - [eBook] [Kindle]
State of Mind - [eBook] [Kindle]
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