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by C. Scott Davis [@]

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TitleDate Posted#PromptAlts
I AM2 July 2017134monsters
Nevertheless, She Persisted11 February 2017132cloud
Can You Hear Me?13 January 2016130alien (special)
Like the Man in the Moon12 December 2015129pareidolia1
skadeglädje22 June 2015128hobby
"Meh"16 June 2015127lethargy
Risky Business3 April 2015126game
As Clear As Mud25 October 2014125start
Cry Havoc23 June 2014124antonyms (cowardly/brave)
Be Careful What You Wish For31 May 2014123wish
Cráifeach Téach9 May 2014122teach
You Can't Get There from Here22 May 2014121drive
Best Not to Think About It6 April 2014120murder
This Time, He's Gone Too Far15 March 2014119cricket
First Contact22 February 2014118heterograph (meet/meat)
The Ugly Truth1 January 2014117fearless
Left in the Wings
  related to Wilder Investigations
27 March 2014116present
A Matter of Perspective1 November 2013115twisted
Love of the Game2 November 2013114rogue
Imagination Park [bonus]25 November 2013113closed
Living in Hope10 March 2013112hope
Seriously? [bonus]20 February 2013111space
A Strange Fixation
  part 2 of the Wilder Investigations series: An Encounter With Lady Christina
30 January 2013110neolexia (somageist)
It's Harder Than It Looks21 January 2013109mindless
In Harm's Way16 January 2013108danger
Shifting Focus1 January 2013107notes
You Say Potato...
  related to Wilder Investigations
22 December 2012106oops2
Eine kleine Schadenfreude21 December 2012105apocalypse
Traditional Marriage16 December 2012104proof
Come into the Light, my Darlings7 December 2012103dark
Don't Call It Love30 November 2012102love
A Small Price to Pay22 October 2012101leg
Centennial28 September 2012100century
Six Things Before Breakfast20 September 201299impossible1
Rooting for the Underdog12 September 201298root
The Sins of the Species4 September 201297believe1
This Little Space of Time27 August 201296ephemeral
The Amazing Professor Nuostabi's Miraculous Mechanical Man19 August 201295machine1
The Loser17 August 201294lost
The Origin of a Species5 August 201293spell
Special Relativity29 July 201292relative
A Place to Hide22 July 201291hide
The Flaming Sword15 July 201290shangri-la1
The Clunker
  part 1 of the series: Discarded and Replaced
8 July 201289old1
Pens, Paper, Staples... and DOOM
  related to Wilder Investigations
1 July 201288sign1
I Turned Off You All21 June 201287word (impossible)3
Like Harry Houdini13 June 201286escape
The Great Autumn Cross-Country Race [bonus]9 June 201285rhyming (special)
The Penultimate Generation30 May 201284storm1
It Gets Better18 May 201283lie3
Elements of Power7 May 201282water
Happily Ever After?15 April 201281fairy tale
Into the Dangerous World25 March 201280blood1
Leap of Faith5 March 201279leap
Can I Keep It?5 March 201278picture (special)3
Waiting for Recovery6 February 201277recovery
Some Things Never Change21 January 201276crash1
The Proof of the Pudding1 January 201275virtual
You Were Saying?
  related to Wilder Investigations
12 September 201174paranoid/paranoia
In the Fullness of Time11 July 201173fan fiction (Game of Thrones)
100% All-Natural15 June 201172organic
  related to Wilder Investigations
4 June 201171chicken
The Great Disappointment21 May 201170rapture
This Do in Remembrance of Me?24 April 201169remember/remembrance
Reckless...27 June 201168abandon1
A Bit Under the Weather
  related to Wilder Investigations
12 January 201167cold
13.75 seconds15 June 201166imagine
Pink Slip19 October 201065late
Art Depreciation
  related to Wilder Investigations
19 June 201064pun1
Exactly What it Says on the Tin
  related to Wilder Investigations
6 June 201063image1
What Friends Do
  related to Wilder Investigations
19 May 201062sacrifice
The Face of Danger17 May 201061safe
Save the Earth22 April 201060earth
The Perils and Pitfalls of Time Travel9 April 201059prompt
What a Fool Believes2 April 201058fool
Imperfect Sync23 March 201057text1
As Easy As...21 March 201056pi/pie
Rest10 March 201055day of the week (Sabbath)
You Shouldn't Have
  related to Wilder Investigations
14 February 201054heart
Good Riddance
  part 1 of the series: In the Soul of the Beholder
28 January 201053through the looking glass
One Mind, Slightly Damaged24 January 201052cracked1
20/1013 January 2010512010
Outside the Box7 January 201050box
Hard to Say3 December 200949pause
The Uncanny Valley5 November 200948spooky
Deny Thy Father22 October 200947conflicted1
Worse Things28 September 200946fear
Crisis of Rationality
  part 2 of the series: Alone
14 September 200945series (Empty)
First Mission1 September 200944landing
The Naked Stars12 August 200943take-off
What Matters Most4 July 200942key1
Accept No Substitutes!
  part 1 of the Wilder Investigations series: The Demon in the Details
30 August 200941denial1
Recurring Nightmare22 June 200940dreams1
A Life Redacted5 June 200939blackout
Don't Remind Me19 May 200938trigger
Murder!15 May 200937clue
That's Gonna Leave a Mark
  related to Wilder Investigations
7 May 200936mayday
Why We Remember3 June 200935anniversary1
Latest Model6 April 200934green
Archaeology11 March 200933buried treasure
curriculum mortae
  part 1 of the series: Un(dead)employment
21 February 200932interview with...
Tramp the Dirt Down16 February 200931good-bye1
The Winter King's Lament6 February 200930shadow
Vermin6 February 200929down the rabbit hole
Oversight22 January 200928change1
Size Isn't Everything11 January 200927resolution
...or At Least Slow Down29 December 200826stop1
If At First You Succeed...
  related to Wilder Investigations
5 December 200825now what?1
The Ballad of NaNoWriMo17 December 200824don't panic1
These Kids Today24 October 200823digital
Self-made Monster20 October 200822song title (Burning Down the House)1
Just a Girl28 September 200821shattered2
Any resemblance to persons living or dead...16 September 200820clown1
At First Sight11 September 200819brightness/brightly gleaming
As God Intended29 August 200818what if...?
Quaint Little Categories23 August 200817quiver
Desperate Times14 August 200816zombies
As Luck Would Have It
  related to Wilder Investigations
4 August 200815unintentional1
Musica Universalis28 July 200814previous title (Song)1
Step on a Crack20 July 200813superstition
Whatever it Takes10 July 200812power2
Rite of Passage24 June 200811happy family vacation1
The Secret Human Agenda27 June 200810reflection1
With Respect and Gratitude10 June 20089impressions1
Bad Taste Room1 June 20088pig juice1
The Luckiest Girl in all of Kansas9 June 20087windfall1
Damned Pirates20 May 20086pirates1
Blind Confidence
  part 1 of the Wilder Investigations series: The Way Out
13 May 20085passages
Godseye View19 May 20084out of time
Dying to Tell4 May 20083secrets
Icarus Rising24 April 20082defying gravity
Consumed17 April 20081fire

Alternate Drabbles

TitleDate Posted#Prompt
Reasonable Precautions17 December 2015129pareidolia
No Fair!9 April 2014106oops
You just HAD to say it, didn't you?
  part 6 of the Wilder Investigations series: An Encounter With Lady Christina
16 January 2013106oops
Mission: Inconsolable
  related to Wilder Investigations
4 May 201699impossible
Glass Half Full
  part 8 of the Wilder Investigations series: An Encounter With Lady Christina
19 January 201397believe
New Product Launch [bonus]30 January 201395machine
The Road to Utopia18 July 201290shangri-la
  part 2 of the series: Discarded and Replaced
9 July 201289old
Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to
  part 4 of the Wilder Investigations series: An Encounter With Lady Christina
16 January 201388sign
The Fine Print
  part 2 of the Wilder Investigations series: Another Day At The Office
28 September 201287word (mindless)
The Candy People4 July 201287word (love)
Herding Cats21 June 201287word (impossible)
A Tale of a Fateful Trip [bonus]3 July 201284storm
Sweet Addiction11 June 201283lie
What They Want to Hear21 May 201283lie
Lyre Lyre18 May 201283lie
Robot Apocalypse26 March 201280blood
The Least of These...16 March 201278picture
Here Inside I'm Like Metal, Aren't You?11 March 201278picture
Because We Can11 March 201278picture
When You Assume...21 January 201276crash
  part 3 of the series: Discarded and Replaced
10 July 201268abandon
Where's Ferdinand Feghoot When You Need Him?30 July 201264pun
iMage23 December 201163image
Free Range Punctuation26 March 201257text
  related to Wilder Investigations
2 September 201252cracked
On the Grounds of Expediency [bonus]31 May 201247conflicted
Key of Persistence20 August 201242key
My Name is Steve but...
  part 7 of the series: Idiots Anonymous
27 May 201241denial
Perchance to Dream3 August 201240dreams
Be Prepared
  related to Wilder Investigations
2 June 201135anniversary
A Big Farm in the Country
  part 4 of the series: Discarded and Replaced
10 July 201231good-bye
Bells and Whistles
  part 5 of the series: Discarded and Replaced
10 July 201228change
Neither Fish nor Fowl7 August 201226stop
First Zombies, then Ghosts, now...
  part 21 of the Wilder Investigations series: Fowl Apparitions
8 June 201125now what?
I'm Sure There's a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation
  part 6 of the series: Discarded and Replaced
11 July 201224don't panic
Mark Has Got Puns16 August 201222song title (Bakers Got Buns)
The Gallery of Fictional Treasures [bonus]9 May 201221shattered
Life Lessons3 July 201121shattered
What's a Little Good-Natured Slander Between Friends?
  part 14 of the series: The True (but somewhat exaggerated) adventures of Scott and the Clown!
28 December 201120clown
The Harsh Reality3 August 201215unintentional
Losing Time26 August 200814previous title (Blink)
Have You Tried Turning It Off and Back On Again?31 July 201112power
Blackout11 July 200812power
The Progress of a Deathless Soul24 August 200811happy family vacation
DIY: A Cautionary Tale [bonus]30 July 201210reflection
There's No Such Thing17 June 20089impressions
By Any Other Name4 June 20088pig juice
Prophets and Loss10 June 20087windfall
What You Wish For20 May 20086pirates

Flash Writings

TitleDate PostedInspired by
Bonorum et Malorum [500]15 June 2015game
Just Another Clark Kent [500]7 August 2010fear
Anima Divinitas1 November 2010change
Nothing Left to Say1 November 2005shattered
The Suffering Sky-Rockets16 May 2011windfall
The Diary of Gladys Kravitz [1000]16 April 2010secrets

Drabble Series

Series TitleAuthorsLast Drabble PostedDrabbles
The True (but somewhat exaggerated) adventures of Scott and the Clown!Mark Davis [*][^][+][@]
Joel Byers[+]
R. Eric Smith[+]
Sue Bowers[+]
C. Scott Davis [@]
1 May 201414
An Encounter With Lady Christina
  related to Wilder Investigations
Mark Davis [*][^][+][@]
C. Scott Davis [@]
Michael Bernier
R. Eric Smith[+]
30 January 20139
In the Soul of the BeholderC. Scott Davis [@]
Sue Bowers[+]
10 October 20122
Another Day At The Office
  related to Wilder Investigations
Michael Bernier
C. Scott Davis [@]
17 March 20166
Discarded and ReplacedC. Scott Davis [@]11 July 20126
Idiots AnonymousMark Davis [*][^][+][@]
C. Scott Davis [@]
27 July 201413
Fowl Apparitions
  related to Wilder Investigations
Joel Byers[+]
C. Scott Davis [@]
17 June 201121
Un(dead)employmentC. Scott Davis [@]
Joel Byers[+]
30 December 20092
AloneKirsten Ireland [*][@][!]
C. Scott Davis [@]
Mark Davis [*][^][+][@]
7 July 20123
The Demon in the Details
  related to Wilder Investigations
C. Scott Davis [@]
Joel Byers[+]
31 August 20093
The Way Out
  related to Wilder Investigations
C. Scott Davis [@]
Joel Byers[+]
13 May 20082

Open Challenges

#PromptSuggested byPrompt Posted
135non-sequitur 7 March 2018
133acyrologia 11 February 2017
131purple 4 May 2016


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