New Product Launch [bonus]

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30 January 2013

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(This drabble was written using Bonus Challenge words: Highlight First)

Drabble Challenge #95 [Alternate]

Prompt: machine

"First, let me express my thanks for attending the maiden voyage of what I believe will be the greatest advance ever in rail travel! Before the unveiling, I will take a few questions from the press."

"Have you addressed the stability problems of previous models?"

"We gave it major upgrades for stability."

"Is it still made of--"

"Iron, yes."

"Does it still make a lot of noise?"

"High-speed travel is always going to be noisy, I'm afraid, but that has been greatly improved."

"How many have you sold?"

"None yet, but we have several orders... Okay, we're ready. All aboard!"




TitleDate Posted
The Amazing Professor Nuostabi's Miraculous Mechanical Man19 August 2012


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