Where's Ferdinand Feghoot When You Need Him?

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30 July 2012

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Drabble Challenge #64 [Alternate]

Prompt: pun

A lost hiker wanders upon an old prospector sitting by a fire, stirring a large pot.

"Can I share your fire?"

"Sure," says the prospector's donkey.

"Thanks," the startled hiker mumbles, as he sits down by the fire. "Cold night."

"Yup," the donkey replies.

Unnerved, the hiker decides to just keep quiet.

After a few minutes, the prospector asks, "Want some soup?"

"Do you know your donkey was talking?"

The prospector just smiles and starts serving the soup out into bowls.

"How can a donkey talk?"

The prospector hands the hiker a bowl of soup. "Soup first. Ass questions later."




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