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A Peaceful Place

Deneen Ansley’s desire to write sprung from her great love of the novels and epic science fiction stories that she discovered in her youth.  She read every book available in her small school library at  Demorest Elementary in Northeast Georgia,  and began to dream that she might one day bring great stories into being for others to devour with enthusiasm similar to her own.

In her adult career, she helped give birth to many projects, paid and unpaid.  She created newsletters, ad copy, articles, resumes – anything written that she could lay her hand to.  For several years in the 1990’s, she held the editorship of The Great Speckled Bird, and had the most fun of her writing career developing content and connecting with people through that venue.

Currently, Deneen is working on novels, non-fiction books, short stories, articles, poetry and essays.  Her work as an independent author is featured both online and through more traditional media.  She is now living in Liberty, North Carolina, “In the middle of a cow pasture,” surrounded by the nature that she so loves.

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