Drabble Challenges

by Deneen Ansley

16 Open Challenges (16 for prompts posted since joining, 1 for prompts posted this year)

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TitleDate Posted#PromptAlts
False Equivalency7 July 2017134monsters
The Turning of the Table29 August 2015128hobby
Lay Me Down AndóJust Stop There
  part 2 of the series: General Sot and The Case of Mistaken Intentioning
30 June 2015127lethargy
Drive26 June 2014121drive
One Being's Sloth Is Another Being's Hero
  part 1 of the series: General Sot and The Case of Mistaken Intentioning
30 June 2015117fearless
Present12 December 2013116present
Power Failure30 August 2015115twisted
De-Touring9 December 2013113closed
Oh, Snap!
  part 3 of the series: Silver Wolf
27 June 2013112hope
Gather-Around-Stories16 December 2013110neolexia (gather-around-stories)
Empty Blessings19 December 2013109mindless
WARNING: Road Closed A-Head19 December 2013108danger
The Bitter-Sweetest Thing17 January 2013107notes
Accidental (Little) Prophet
  related to Little Prophet
22 December 2012106oops
It Gets "___"22 December 2012105apocalypse1
The Proof of a (Little) Prophecy
  related to Little Prophet
25 December 2012104proof
Little Prophet on Responsibility
  related to Little Prophet
23 December 2012103dark
Love25 December 2012102love1
Not By the Hair of My23 December 2012101leg
Pacific Lament: A Century's Passage21 October 2012100century1
He's Impossible23 December 201299impossible
Way Down Deep22 December 201298root
The Religious Road21 September 201297believe
When I Am28 August 201296ephemeral
Working-Class Warrior28 August 201295machine
Little Prophet's Sermon on the Beach
  related to Little Prophet
14 August 201294lost2
Enhanced Whittling7 August 201293spell1
Lump Sum [bonus]1 August 201292relative
Telling23 July 201291hide
From Where I Sit15 July 201290shangri-la1
What's Mine Is Yours9 July 201289old
Signchronicity1 July 201288sign
Family Plots21 June 201287word (root)
Dreamscape14 June 201286escape2
Giving Up the Rhyme11 June 201285rhyming (special)
The Calm Before28 May 201284storm1
Number One Suspect19 May 201283lie
Bridge Crossing Troubles15 May 201282water
Faerie Tail16 April 201281fairy tale
While I Was Away12 April 201280blood2
Right Off the Deep End29 February 201279leap
Magic29 February 201278picture (special)
Spontaneous Recovery5 February 201277recovery
Embrace14 January 201276crash1
Virtual Reality1 January 201275virtual
Worry For Nothing12 December 201174paranoid/paranoia
Love Is Singing1 January 201273fan fiction (Rumi / Coleman Barks)1
The Future of Organ-icks25 July 201172organic
Role Model8 June 201171chicken1
Unnatural Acts23 May 201170rapture
Vicissitude23 April 201169remember/remembrance1
The Long Wake22 April 201168abandon
Suspended Agonization19 April 201167cold1
Escape19 April 201166imagine
Responsible Prioritizing19 April 201165late
Comic Strip23 April 201164pun1
Image22 April 201163image
Sacrificial Logic23 April 201162sacrifice
Safe19 April 201161safe
Scored Earth19 April 201160earth
Prompt and Circumstance14 April 201059prompt
A Fool's A Rival2 April 201058fool
It's In There29 March 201057text
Terms of Usefulness29 March 201056pi/pie
Six Days a Week26 February 201055day of the week (Monday)1
How Little Prophet Found The Light
  related to Little Prophet
3 March 201054heart1
Inside Her Mind9 March 201053through the looking glass
After the Love Is Gone28 January 201052cracked
The Third Year13 January 2010512010
The Box7 January 201050box
Sound Bites of the Passive Aggressive7 December 200949pause
Husband Number One14 January 201048spooky
CONFLICTED9 December 200947conflicted
Caught12 October 200946fear
What Were You Expecting?
  part 2 of the series: What If
16 October 200945series (What If)
The Prize12 October 200944landing
The Skinning of a Lover3 September 200943take-off
Broken Promises4 August 200942key4
Denial30 June 200941denial1
Why I Can't Fly13 June 200940dreams
Subspace1 June 200939blackout1
Trigger: The Telling of a Truthful Tale19 May 200938trigger
If the Pieces Fit15 May 200937clue
I Wish!11 May 200936mayday
Heavenly Anniversary Games22 April 200935anniversary
A Bit of Green24 March 200934green2
Buried Treasures/Buried Self
  part 1 of the series: A Real Boy
24 March 200933buried treasure
The Mirror's Perspective24 March 200932interview with...1
Contemporary Casting13 March 200931good-bye3
My Allie: A Story of First Encounter4 February 200930shadow
Down the Rabbit Hole2 February 200929down the rabbit hole1
Driveling Over Drabbling21 January 200928change
A Man's Gotta' Do
  related to Wilder Investigations
21 January 200927resolution1
ALTO23 December 200826stop1
The Tapestry5 December 200825now what?3
Heartfelt20 December 200824don't panic
The Trouble With Digital12 December 200823digital1
Do You Love Me...Now That I Can Dance?20 December 200822song title (Do You Love Me?)1
Sentience15 December 200821shattered
Class Clown12 December 200820clown2
Little Prophet Stands
  related to Little Prophet
22 December 200819brightness/brightly gleaming1
The Question12 December 200818what if...?2
The Assumption of Water16 September 200817quiver1
Not So Inhuman15 August 200816zombies1
  related to Little Prophet
15 August 200815unintentional1
SONG6 August 200814previous title (Song)1
Superstition5 August 200813superstition
True Power15 August 200812power
The Yearly Getaway of the Charlotte, North Carolina, Transgendered House of Boarding5 July 200811happy family vacation
Reflection15 August 200810reflection2
Impressions15 August 20089impressions1
A Story Based on the Fact (Sometimes Disputed) of the Very Real Life of C. Scott Davis9 June 20088pig juice
Windfall6 August 20087windfall
BLACK MARKET GENES9 June 20086pirates
Under the Shade Tree9 June 20085passages1
Of Fleeting Permanence11 May 20084out of time2
My Lover's Secret3 May 20083secrets6
Recurring Dreams24 April 20082defying gravity
Byte Out-of-Life19 April 20081fire

Alternate Drabbles

TitleDate Posted#Prompt
Christmapocolypse [bonus]26 December 2012105apocalypse
Temperate Love [bonus]26 December 2012102love
Happy 100th Birthday!10 January 2013100century
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Brain29 August 201294lost
Lost In Dreaming21 August 201294lost
Wal-Mart9 August 201293spell
How the West Was One16 March 201390shangri-la
It's In the Stars15 June 201286escape
An Unsettling Settling [bonus]14 June 201286escape
Weathered28 May 201284storm
"There Was Blood Spilling From the Third Man's Side, and Some of It Spilled On Me."19 May 201280blood
Perspective Differences1 May 201280blood
Crash: The Sequel
  part 2 of the series: Crash
27 January 201276crash
What Jesus Really Said (expanded)2 January 201273fan fiction (New Testament - King James Version)
Right of Passage11 June 201071chicken
Magic Clips3 January 201269remember/remembrance
The Color of Mind22 April 201167cold
Don't I Know You?
  related to Wilder Investigations
16 May 201164pun
When Are We?27 December 201155day of the week (***day)
Decisions of the Heart30 December 201154heart
  part 1 of the series: Perspective & Realization
6 August 200942key
Unwanted Unlocking6 August 200942key
Keys of Happiness4 August 200942key
Lightening Keys4 August 200942key
By-Passing Time27 December 201141denial
Lights Out27 December 201139blackout
Don't Feel Guilty, Strawberry6 August 200934green
Little Grasshopper6 April 200934green
Conversations With a Five Year Old25 March 200932interview with...
I HATE25 March 200931good-bye
Looking Back: The Fate of Hate (for AnniePoo)13 March 200931good-bye
Echos of Heritage: A True Story of My Maternal Grandparents13 March 200931good-bye
Dinner Down the Hatch4 February 200929down the rabbit hole
Out of Time27 December 201127resolution
(redundantly titled) Stop23 December 200826stop
What You Don't Know Just Might Hurt You [bonus]6 June 201225now what?
Unforeseeable Futures2 February 200925now what?
Now What?20 December 200825now what?
Too Many Digits20 December 200823digital
INHERITANCE5 December 200822song title (Cherokee People)
Unnecessary Changes20 December 200820clown
Humor Me20 December 200820clown
The Labor of a Writer
  related to Little Prophet
22 December 200819brightness/brightly gleaming
One Dimension Over-Easy7 January 201218what if...?
Prenatal Wisdom30 December 201118what if...?
All Is Aquiver16 September 200817quiver
Zombies16 September 200816zombies
Wanted: Alternator19 May 200915unintentional
A-CHOO-CHOO! or A'la Bored [bonus]1 July 201214previous title (A Story Based On Bad Taste)
Divine11 March 201010reflection
Reflections of the Unexpected Kind4 February 200910reflection
Not Good Enough31 December 20119impressions
Dissociative Identity Disorder9 June 20085passages
Flock of Goats13 March 20104out of time
Out of Time9 June 20084out of time
Smashing! [bonus]25 May 20123secrets
Stealing for God31 December 20113secrets
Unnecessary Shame3 May 20083secrets
Unwanted Heirlooms3 May 20083secrets
Sibling Rivalry3 May 20083secrets
My Secret3 May 20083secrets

Flash Writings

TitleDate PostedInspired by
"Going Up?" [500]21 May 2009mayday
When Does It End? [500]6 April 2009good-bye
Future Remembering [500]2 February 2009change
Calling In Panic [500]13 January 2009don't panic
When I Cross Over Into Whatever [500]16 January 2009what if...?
Rituals [500]23 May 2009superstition

Drabble Series

Series TitleAuthorsLast Drabble PostedDrabbles
General Sot and The Case of Mistaken IntentioningDeneen Ansley30 June 20152
Silver WolfCharlene Marolf
Sue Bowers[+]
Deneen Ansley
14 June 20144
CrashKirsten Ireland [*][@][!]
Deneen Ansley
27 January 20122
What IfKirsten Ireland [*][@][!]
Deneen Ansley
16 October 20092
Perspective & RealizationDeneen Ansley
Joel Byers[+]
14 September 20092
A Real BoyDeneen Ansley
Julie Carriker
12 September 20092

Open Challenges

#PromptSuggested byPrompt Posted
135non-sequitur 7 March 2018
133acyrologia 11 February 2017
132cloud Charlene Marolf4 September 2016
131purple 4 May 2016
130alien (special) 11 January 2016
129pareidolia 11 December 2015
126game 23 February 2015
125start 17 October 2014
124antonyms (author's choice) 11 June 2014
123wish 25 May 2014
122teach 6 May 2014
120murder 4 April 2014
119cricket 4 March 2014
118heterograph (author's choice) 10 February 2014
114rogue Michael Bernier19 July 2013
111space 18 February 2013


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