Little Grasshopper

[<] [>]  by Deneen Ansley

6 April 2009

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Drabble Challenge #34 [Alternate]

Prompt: green

My eyes will not focus and Iím battered and bruised. Light attacks and I squint against it, trying to distinguish the odd sights and sounds surrounding me.

Iím lying, helpless. In front of me stands a green creature that resembles more a humanoid grasshopper than anything else. My mind is startled as the twittering creature bends its sharp elbows and extends appendages toward me.

Am I asleep?

An eerie feeling overtakes me as images of aliens flash. Itís happened! Iíve been abducted?!


Whatís that?

Iím being lifted!

Is he cooing?

My God, Iím not abducted! Iíve just been born!




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A Bit of Green24 March 2009

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