Unwanted Heirlooms

[<] [>]  by Deneen Ansley

3 May 2008

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Drabble Challenge #3 [Alternate]

Prompt: secrets

“Do you remember goin’ crazy? Screamin‘?” her sister asks. “What’d it feel like?”

“I thought I was dyin’. It felt like it. The covers would come creepin’ up to smother me. I couldn’t breathe. Sometimes, everything would be upside-down. I’d be walkin’ on the ceilin’.”

“You really think God healed you that day in church?”

“I was afraid, all of the time, of The Devil comin’ to get me.”

“But, God healed you, right?”

“Well, you can’t never tell Mama, she believes in my healin’ so!” A furtive glance about, “ - But sometimes, I feel that Devil still comin’.”




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