One Dimension Over-Easy

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7 January 2012

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Drabble Challenge #18 [Alternate]

Prompt: what if...?

“You’re crowning! Push, PUSH!” the room’s excitement was palpable as the mother-to-be, with a last effort, delivered into the hands of the obstetrician’s assistants.

“Careful!” Dr. Ross directed, gently wiping away blood-streaks from the translucent shell. “Get it under the hardening lights!”

Turning the sphere, she peered through the soft, still translucent shell. “We’ve got a good one! I see a blastoderm!”

Addressing the still-expectant mother, she asked, “Now, to whom are you releasing your egg?”

“My husband. He’s been fattening himself up. He’s taken all the classes in warming, turning and coo-clucking.”

"Wonderful! See you in six months?"




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