Demetri [bonus]

[<] [>]  by Mark Davis [*][^][+][@]

24 March 2012

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(This drabble was written using Bonus Challenge words: Highlight First)

Drabble Challenge #81

Prompt: fairy tale

The sun falls behind the vast mountains, giving the sky a surreal look, like that of an eerie painting. As Demetri tries to breathe in the stale air, he spots a deputy directing a bunch of evil trolls, like one would direct traffic on a busy street. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge hairy winged creature swoops down towards Demetri. Fear takes over and a chase ensues!

“Lend me your ear!” cries the creature. “I am your protector. I am here to save you.”

“You are my protector? But you are so big and scary!”

“What did you expect... Tinkerbell?”




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