The Path to Shangri-La

[<] [>]  by Julie Carriker

20 July 2012

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Drabble Challenge #90

Prompt: shangri-la

part 3 of the series: The Florida Adventure

Shangri-La: a place of contentment, where we find our hearts desires. Is it the stuff of fancy, or is it, can it be, real?
Most of the time my Pollyanna, sunshine-and-rainbows self confidently shouts "YES!!!"
I believe in fairy tales, in happily-ever-afters, in dreaming big!
But yesterday, I was blindsided when a dream for the future seemed shattered. Id seen us living and being happy in that house! Id seen us finding our place and our peace. Then it was gone.
But Shangri-La IS real! If not that exact location, then another.
We will find it, or well make it!




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